Our story and experience

My team members and me - we have similar history. For over ten years, we have been individually gaining experience in our fields (events management, communications, graphic design, software development), both from industry and within scientific institutions and universities in different countries. From major international institutions, such as European Molecular Biology Laboratory (EMBL) and European Molecular Biology Organisation (EMBO) to national scientific organisations (Czech Academy of Sciences, Central European Institute of Technology, CEITEC).

Over the years, we have organized more than 450 events in different format, level and size, all with great success and great feedback. We were also involved in the development of European Research Infrastructures (ELIXIR, Instruct) and collaborated in many EU and Czech national research projects. Scientifika’s main principles are transparency, individual approach to our clients, attention to details, knowledge of project requirements, flexibility, personal attitude and respect to the environment.

Dana Cernoskova